Lab Technician – Iraq

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Sonangol P&P Iraq

Job Purpose

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Lab Technician to join our team in the upstream heavy crude oil field. As a Lab Technician, your primary responsibility will be to perform various laboratory tests and analyses to support the operations and production in the field. You will work closely with the field team to ensure accurate and timely results, contributing to the overall productivity and efficiency of the operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Carrying out laboratory tests and analyses on oil samples, including but not limited to density, viscosity, sulfur content, API gravity, water content, and other relevant parameters.

2. Conducting tests to determine the quality and properties of heavy crude oil, monitoring and reporting any deviations or abnormalities.

3. Operating and maintaining laboratory equipment and instruments, ensuring their proper calibration and functioning.

4. Follow established procedures and protocols for sample collection, preparation, and testing, ensuring adherence to safety and environmental regulations.

5. Recording and documenting test results accurately and promptly, maintaining organized records and data management systems.

6. Collaborating with field operators and engineers to understand their requirements, provide timely test results, and aid in troubleshooting or optimization processes.

7. Assist in the development and improvement of laboratory procedures, methodologies, and quality control processes.

8. Keeping up-to-date with industry standards, technological advancements, and best practices related to heavy crude oil.


Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

Minimum 10 years of Prior experience with onshore Oil & Upstream field operations is mandatory requirement but would be given preference.

Work Rotation
3 Months On/ 3 Weeks Off